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Should I always give every minimum detail and specifications about a challenge or we can rely also on intuition?

Regarding my challenge: Help me I'm lost in the ocean! I went to read: What details should always be given for a code golf task? and a question raised in my mind. I hope I can ask that here in ...
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Golf Practice questions [duplicate]

This is to discuss Golf Practice: Python and the Golf Practice question type it suggests. Some questions that came up: Is this type of question on-topic for PPCG? Is it OK that many of the individual ...
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Answer-dependent questions

Calvin's Hobbies recently posted Evolution of Hello World. The challenge is unique in several ways, but the most revolutionary is that the definition of "valid answer" depends on other answers. This ...
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Brainfuck challenges?

EDIT: Clarified my point after seeing dmckee's answer. I just discovered brainfuck and find it really amusing. It seems to me that it is a perfect material for programming puzzles (especially code-...
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New contest type proposal.

I'd like to suggest that to date we have missed a class (or maybe two) of programming puzzles. ai-player would indicate a game played against a defined (but initially unknown) input or against a ...
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Are "one line" problems distinct from code golf, and if so what rules apply?

How to write a single-line password generator asks for a solution in "one line". It seems to me that this is potentially a different class of challenge from code-golf, and for the nonce I've tagged ...
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