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For discussion and support around deleted and deleting answers, including discussing why a specific answer was deleted and what conditions should result in an answer being deleted

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How do we handle answers that have later become invalid due to external circumstances?

From time to time, answers can be posted to the site which, at the time are valid but later become invalid without any fault of the original answerer. For example, a number of answers to this ...
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2 answers

Do we delete invalid tips?

Currently our consensus is that incorrect solutions should be deleted. However it's not clear if this applies to tips questions. tips questions are sometimes a bit like regular code-golf challenges, ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Can we revisit our policy on answers that are not serious contenders?

Currently we have a policy that all answers must be serious contenders, or they are subject to deletion. This can be found in help/on-topic: Be a serious contender for the winning criteria in use. ...
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Do we really want to delete undecidable answers, even if they were declared non-competing?

The problem emerged with this answer (deleted, and so invisible for users with less than 10k reputation) The most relevant win criteria of the puzzle is the algorithmic complexity of the solution. An ...
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No notification upon post deletion by moderator?

My answer (2k+ only) to a code golf was rightfully deleted by a moderator because it turned out to be wrong and unfixable. This morning, I planned to delete it myself, but all direct links to my ...
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Why is this answer considered non-competitive?

A few weeks ago I posted this answer on a challenge. Yesterday it was deleted because "it isn't a serious contender for the winning criteria" despite getting the second best score in the challenge. ...
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1 answer

Is it OK to delete old answers?

Since this is not a QA site as such, I don't think there's a whole lot of value in keeping old solutions around for future reference. And for new users to the site, it's a bit like discovering an ...
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1 answer

Answers written in "joke" languages [duplicate]

As an answer to this question, I wrote an answer in the "programming language" 2014 (screenshot). The answer was deleted, accompanied with this note: I'm temporarily removing this post in ...
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