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For questions about editing - both when and how editing is done on either main or meta sites

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Suggested Edits: Reject Golfing?

Every now and then, I see an edit where somebody does some golfing (most recent). From what I can tell, our standard is to reject those edits as invalid and post a comment saying what was suggested, ...
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Mass editing of syntax highlighting - good or bad?

I've noticed that this user is making a lot of edits lately, and all they do is add the <!--language: * --> syntax highlighting hint. Now, I'm not saying ...
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When it is and is not acceptable to edit someone else's post

TL;DR: In what circumstances is it ok (by CGCC and politeness standards) to edit directly a post (be it challenge, answer, sandbox question, etc), assuming the edit is done in good faith? I know ...
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Why is meta full of old questions / why did my question get a trivial edit?

EDIT - this just happened again recently, so read it again if you're confused. This isn't a question, it's just an update to let people know what happened. You may have noticed the meta is suddenly ...
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Avoid useless edit about byte count

I like having my byte count history this way: 210 212 219 But there is some user that keep editing my answers to put it this way: 212 219 210 Citing @PhiNotPi "This edit does not make the post ...
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Header formatting edit

I every so often stumble upon an oldish challenge and find myself compelled to edit a lot of answers in order to make them follow the standard/new header formatting (## language name, bytes count). ...
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Updating answers a lot

When writing answers I usually post the first slightly golfed version when it is working. I then proceed to golf it down further making various edits as I go. I know it is good to update as you get a ...
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9 votes
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Should I repost a revised version of a really old, closed challenge?

I found an interesting, closed challenge. I know that I can address the flaws that led it to closure. Normally, I would edit the challenge into shape, but the question is over a year old and I want it ...
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How to Handle Mass Edit Events

This isn't to call anyone out or criticise the actions of anyone. This is to get a clear understanding of general guidelines of mass edits. Every now and again, links to online interpreters will ...
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"Good" Questions that are Incomplete

Edit I was mistaken about the links being bad in the mp3 challenge. It wasn't playing well with Centos but seems to be fine on Windows. As such, there are no grounds for closing that challenge. The ...
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Second answer for second language?

A few days ago, I answered Find the odd character out in a pattern with a bash script. Today, my answer was outscored by somebody else. Since all the heavy lifting was done by PCREs anyway, I decided ...
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What causes an edit to deviate from the original intent of the post?

After seeing that this edit suggestion got rejected because it "deviates from the original intent of the post", I realized that I have no idea why or how an edit could change the sense a post makes. ...
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Should users edit rules or just suggest them?

Today (one/two hours ago, to be honest) I happened to see a suggested edit to a question in the main site. While the edit was actually pretty good (it would have removed a flaw that probably wasn't ...
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