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For questions about editing - both when and how editing is done on either main or meta sites

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2 answers

Suggested Edits: Reject Golfing?

Every now and then, I see an edit where somebody does some golfing (most recent). From what I can tell, our standard is to reject those edits as invalid and post a comment saying what was suggested, ...
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5 answers

Mass editing of syntax highlighting - good or bad?

I've noticed that this user is making a lot of edits lately, and all they do is add the <!--language: * --> syntax highlighting hint. Now, I'm not saying ...
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15 votes
24 answers

When it is and is not acceptable to edit someone else's post

TL;DR: In what circumstances is it ok (by CGCC and politeness standards) to edit directly a post (be it challenge, answer, sandbox question, etc), assuming the edit is done in good faith? I know ...
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3 answers

Edits of default scoring units in answers

Ever since I've been active on this site, I've usually added a score header to my answers like this: Malbolge, 1337 i.e. just a score number, with no units. My rationale for doing this is as follows: ...
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13 votes
2 answers

I'm in the process of replacing all anonymous imgur images with stack.imgur images, and I need your help

Stack Exchange's image URL migration means that this is out of date and no longer relevant. It has been locked for historical relevance. As stated on Mother Meta, all imgur images not associated with ...
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1 answer

Avoid useless edit about byte count

I like having my byte count history this way: 210 212 219 But there is some user that keep editing my answers to put it this way: 212 219 210 Citing @PhiNotPi "This edit does not make the post ...
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1 answer

Suggestion/Edit for answers if user "Last seen more than X years ago"

I made a suggestion (which was rejected) for this answer but just because of that user "Last seen more than 3 years ago" (at the time of posting this question) I know that it is bad idea to ...
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10 votes
2 answers

How do I suggest a 1-character edit?

Every once in a while I encounter an answer which claims to be Python. However, most Python code is specific to either Python 2 or Python 3. Often the answer starts with Python Which should be fixed ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Adding a link to Try It Online to existing answers

If I find an old answer whose code I verified works using, say, Try It Online, can I edit that answer and add the link?
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9 votes
1 answer

Header formatting edit

I every so often stumble upon an oldish challenge and find myself compelled to edit a lot of answers in order to make them follow the standard/new header formatting (## language name, bytes count). ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Should I repost a revised version of a really old, closed challenge?

I found an interesting, closed challenge. I know that I can address the flaws that led it to closure. Normally, I would edit the challenge into shape, but the question is over a year old and I want it ...
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8 votes
1 answer

How to Handle Mass Edit Events

This isn't to call anyone out or criticise the actions of anyone. This is to get a clear understanding of general guidelines of mass edits. Every now and again, links to online interpreters will ...
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8 votes
0 answers

Why is meta full of old questions / why did my question get a trivial edit?

EDIT - this just happened again recently, so read it again if you're confused. This isn't a question, it's just an update to let people know what happened. You may have noticed the meta is suddenly ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Edits to other people's answers

Related to a previous question, but sufficiently different that I think it merits its own discussion. Now that I've hit 2000 rep I have access to some mod tools, which include the ability to approve ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Updating answers a lot

When writing answers I usually post the first slightly golfed version when it is working. I then proceed to golf it down further making various edits as I go. I know it is good to update as you get a ...
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6 votes
1 answer

New users golfing code

The last two Suggested Edit reviews I have reviewed, they were easy rejects. Both were from a new user (the same), and both were golfing/"fixing" the code. I admit to have done this before, ...
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1 answer

"Good" Questions that are Incomplete

Edit I was mistaken about the links being bad in the mp3 challenge. It wasn't playing well with Centos but seems to be fine on Windows. As such, there are no grounds for closing that challenge. The ...
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Edit grace period

I think the grace period limit of 5 minutes that merges edit events is too long. It is adequate for a site like Stack Overflow, but not for a Code Golf site, as edits are more frequent and each edit ...
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1 answer

Account is not allowed to suggest edits

I received the following error upon trying to preview my edit to this answer in the Android app: Please fix the following: Account is not allowed to suggest edits
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0 answers

Disallow edits to answers that only golf code further [duplicate]

This answer had 2 suggested edits that only golf the code further, and the edits were both approved. I personally disagree with edits that only golf the code further. Here's why: It shouldn't be up ...
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1 answer

Second answer for second language?

A few days ago, I answered Find the odd character out in a pattern with a bash script. Today, my answer was outscored by somebody else. Since all the heavy lifting was done by PCREs anyway, I decided ...
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1 answer

Edit a rollback's edit reason?

I rolled back an edit that a user made to another's code. It may not be immediately apparent to the most casual observer why I rolled back this edit, but the summary just says Rollback to ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What causes an edit to deviate from the original intent of the post?

After seeing that this edit suggestion got rejected because it "deviates from the original intent of the post", I realized that I have no idea why or how an edit could change the sense a post makes. ...
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1 answer

How do you mark a question as posted on the sandbox?

I couldn't figure out how to make the needed edits to change my answer status on the sandbox to posted, and I was wondering for future reference.
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1 answer

Change scoring type after the fact?

I made a code-challenge here: Implement ROT-47... in ROT-47 However, I think my scoring rules are not servicing the job of the original question well. I am considering changing the question to a ...
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3 answers

What's the point of rejecting edits to "Showcase your language" entries?

I get it, edits that guess the intent of the poster should be rejected as they may deviate from the original intent of the post. But what's the point of rejecting an edit like this, claiming that it ...
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4 answers

Should users edit rules or just suggest them?

Today (one/two hours ago, to be honest) I happened to see a suggested edit to a question in the main site. While the edit was actually pretty good (it would have removed a flaw that probably wasn't ...
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Should you edit other people's answer with lower byte counts? [duplicate]

I've often come across answers like this: Python3, 40 bytes i=0 while i>10: i+=1 print(str(i)) When you could golf it down to Python3, 33 bytes ...
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2 answers

Wiki Cleanup - Rejects/Approvals

I saw some unfilled wiki entries for some of the tags on the CG site, so I figured I'd fill them in. For this, I simply copy-and-pasted the info from the SO tags. Some of my suggestions were approved ...
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How should we edit questions which have non-expiring bounties attached to them?

Just like we have a format for answering code golf, cracking cops and robbers, and posting most challenges, I am curious as to what (if any) format we should have for questions that have bounties with ...
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Is there a guideline telling users not to golf someone else's post in an edit? [duplicate]

I really hate it when a user thinks it's okay to edit someone else's post to golf it. Is this included in the guidelines for suggesting edits at all? The post in question: https://codegolf....
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Changing winning criterion in a question

I recently posted a question to codegolf which did not have a well formulated win criterion. However, I did receive some answers to the question. Because the question is on hold due to "off-topic", ...
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I got reputation for editing my own answer?

I somehow got reputation for editing my own answer? It's this edit. Is this intentional or not? Because I could then edit some answers I've posted before, and get reputation, because edits to your own ...
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Remove noncompeting status from all submissions

As per Let's allow newer languages/versions for older challenges, we no longer need to mark answers that utilize languages created after the challenge as noncompeting. However, there are still 917 ...
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