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Questions tagged [feature-request]

You have an idea for a new feature, or for a change to the existing functionality. Make sure you provide justification for why your suggestion should be implemented

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The "How To Ask" page is misleading

The "How To Ask" page linked from the Ask Question page appears to have been copied wholesale from SO. It is very Q&A centric: We’d love to help you. But not every question on Code Golf gets ...
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Change code font to DejaVu

The current stylesheet specifies the code font as ...
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Count question score toward tag badges

Related: Increase reputation awarded for questions It has recently came to my attention that tag badges are only awarded based on answer votes. For a site like Stack Overflow, that makes sense, as ...
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New user script to sort answers by length

Since the new Stack Exchange top bar apparently broke the old user script, I wrote a quick and dirty replacement for it. The only thing my new user script does is what I felt was the most important ...
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Isn't there some way to have "just-for-fun" questions?

I can understand the need to keep things under control and nip problem trends in the bud based on the experience at SO and other graduated sites. While [tips] questions strain the discussion/list ...
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Close reason needs to be reworded

Read this meta post: Let's decide what kind of non-challenge questions we want once and for all Then read this close reason: Questions without an objective primary winning criterion are off-...
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Proposal to mark Inactive posts in "List of bounties with no deadline" accordingly

I recently completed a bounty from List of bounties with no deadline, only to later realize it was inactive. This was a little disappointing and I believe this could easily be avoided by editing these ...
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Let's get a special 404 page!

Very related, but not the same I would like it if someone could make this a community wiki. In The Nineteenth Byte, mousetail posted a message: Petition to make our 404 page a quine in "Lost&...
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Add an answer "index" feature to questions with more than 5 answers?

Pursuant to my idea for Q:We need something novel to bring in the hordes, I think it would be very useful for all questions with many answers (>5, or so) to have an index of answers. The index line ...
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voting popularity contest

I recently noticed that on many popularity contests the earlier answers get more upvotes than the ones that were submitted later. This effect is - I think - amplified by arranging the answers so that ...
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Synonymize [shortest-time] with [fastest-code]

The shortest-time tag seems to mean the same as fastest-code. It only has three questions tagged with it, so a manually retagging would be easy, but just so that someone searching for "time" can ...
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Remove question title length limitation

The reason title length exist Because it's useful to prevent spam on most of the other site, you would not like to see bunch of 1 character question flooding. But... I already meet the situation a few ...
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Synonymize [flags] and [flagging] on Meta

The flags and flagging tags on Meta actually have the same purpose: for questions about flagging. Could someone synonymize them?
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Typo in 'off-topic' description

The description for an off-topic close vote / flag has a typo: The word "puzzle" should be plural. It should read: This question does not appear to be about programming puzzles or code golf within ...
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Fix impossible deletion

When one of my questions got closed as a duplicate (correctly), I got this screen. Then, when I clicked the delete button, this showed up: Then when I confirmed, I got this: What's the point of ...
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Can we change the Low Quality Posts comment?

I was recently going through some posts in the Low Quality Posts, and one answer (which I won't link here) I recommended that it be deleted, and got review to leave a comment telling the user that it ...
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Make it easier to post answers on Sandbox from Mobile App?

Maybe I'm missing something, but is there an easy-ish way to initiate the process of writing an answer in the Sandbox from the mobile app? I noticed the phrase "bottom of the page" in the sandbox ...
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Do we need the [color] tag?

While reviewing suggested edits, I came across this one for the color tag's tag wiki. After looking further into the tag, I found that it did not have a tag wiki beforehand, and there are only three ...
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