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Flagging is a way for any user with 15 reputation or more to alert the site moderators about problematic posts. Use this tag on questions that directly relate to the flagging system and flags as a whole, or on questions about specific flags

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What if someone posts a translated answer of another Answer?

For example, if an answer takes an existing brainfuck answer and rewrites it in another language like Ook! which is the same underlying language with different symbols.\$^1\$ What I should do if there ...
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What to do when something offensive in chat is edited into something not offensive before it is seen

I went into a chat room, and someone said something offensive to me. So I flagged it as offensive. Almost immediately, the chat message was edited into something nicer. When the 10k-ers came into the ...
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Correct flag usage on invalid submissions

Recently, a couple of invalid answers have been flagged as NAA. This is somewhat of a duplicate of this answer on our policy, but I want to mention this because it's important that everyone is using ...
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Why do moderators decline "no longer needed" flags on chatty comments?

I primarily land on Code Golf by visiting links to questions from the Hot Network Questions roster. When I see comments on answers like: Good observation! or Wow, impressive! I tend to flag them ...
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Moderation: Handling flags and deleting answers

Since we have a full moderation team now and the load isn't all on one person, some of you may have noticed that flags are being handled a lot faster now. However, this has resulted in the problem ...
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Declined flag on a comment that was fully implemented in an answer

Recently I flagged this comment as no longer needed, since it was fully implemented in an my answer. Furthermore, I thanked the user helped my shortening my answer. After reading this post, I was ...
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"no longer needed" flag on chatty comment declined

I recently flagged a comment as "no longer needed", and the flag got declined. The thing is, the comment wasn't really obsolete, but rather a bit too chatty. I don't want to target the comment here, ...
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Declined flag on a comment which was copy-pasted into the question's body

Recently, I flagged this comment as no longer needed, since it has been rightfully copy-pasted into the question body. However, the flag got declined along with flags on two other comments which can ...
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How do we handle spam posts?

Occasionally, spammers show up on PPCG and post spam, including stuff like promotion of (probably fake) products, (probably fake) offers to transfer money into your account (after you give them $500 ...
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Obviously chatty comment … flag declined?

Chatty comments don't get more clear-cut than this: @WheatWizard thanks! And yet, somehow… Excuse me for a moment, but… what? The other 14 flags I raised on comments saying "thanks a lot" and ...
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Should we be allowed to close our own questions with one vote (close hammer)?

I think on PPCG you should be allowed to close your own challenges single handedly. It would allow people like me who realize too late that I have posted a bad challenge and want to close it fast. But ...
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Why was my flag declined?

This answer is clearly invalid, given that you read the language's documentation. I used a custom mod flag to flag it as invalid, since it prints a Unicode ...
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Kicked from TNB (by a bot) for "inappropriate content" and have some questions about it

I posted an image in the main chat, The Nineteenth Byte. A few minutes later I get kicked from TNB with a 30 minute ban, and apparently the Community bot did it. How did a bot judge that one picture ...
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2 answers

Flag question comments for deletion when suggestion is implemented?

Related to Flag comments for deletion when suggestion is implemented?. The above question specifically addresses obsolescence flagging and deletion of comments to answers. What about the same ...
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Why is this a duplicate?

Recently I asked this question: Seconds after I posted, it was flagged as a duplicate of Resolve quadratic equation, ...
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What exactly is 'too chatty'?

I've just had a number of 'too chatty' comment flags declined, and I'd like to clarify what the mods here consider too chatty before I continue flagging. This is the text of each of the comments that ...
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Definitive policy about answers not meeting the challenge specification

This question has been asked so often, I have no idea what our actual policy is: Almost-correct answers Should answers that break the rules be deleted? Should we flag and delete Not an Answer posts? ...
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Flag comments for deletion when suggestion is implemented?

It's very common that other users comment and suggest ways to improve your answer. In almost all such cases, the user gets credited in the answer ("Saved 6 bytes thanks to ... "). A lot of those ...
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Can we stop flagging poor answers as "not an answer"? [duplicate]

We have downvotes for that (and in some cases "Very Low Quality"). It seems that basically every time I see a flag in the queue, it has at least one "Not an Answer" flag stuck to it, no matter what's ...
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Why are my comment flags declined?

I flagged two comments on this question: Is it code-golf? If so, tag it. If not, define the winning criteria. And the second flagged comment: @ugoren sorry not sure where to draw the line, i ...
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Why was my flag disputed?

There are several answers which have been flagged as "not an answer" which were indeed answers. Consequently, I flagged them with "invalid flags". Why is it that all of those flags were disputed? Here ...
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Why was this comment flag (on a triplicated comment) declined?

This is the declined flag: This was the comment I flagged: Why was this flagged declined with no comment? Does there really have to be three comments that say exactly the same thing? (In fact, I ...
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What should count as "not an answer" here? [duplicate]

Lately, I've seen a bunch of poor answers flagged as "not an answer" (NAA) in the flag review list. Such flags seem to be controversial, even among reviewers. For example, at the moment: this ...
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How do I know if my flags are being looked at, when no judgement is being issued?

I have a flag that is still labeled as "active" over two weeks after I submitted it. (Submitted on 2013-11-22.) I wouldn't think that any single moderator - let alone the whole moderator team - on any ...
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Typo in 'off-topic' description

The description for an off-topic close vote / flag has a typo: The word "puzzle" should be plural. It should read: This question does not appear to be about programming puzzles or code golf within ...
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