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Flagging is a way for any user with 15 reputation or more to alert the site moderators about problematic posts. Use this tag on questions that directly relate to the flagging system and flags as a whole, or on questions about specific flags

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Correct flag usage on invalid submissions

Recently, a couple of invalid answers have been flagged as NAA. This is somewhat of a duplicate of this answer on our policy, but I want to mention this because it's important that everyone is using ...
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"no longer needed" flag on chatty comment declined

I recently flagged a comment as "no longer needed", and the flag got declined. The thing is, the comment wasn't really obsolete, but rather a bit too chatty. I don't want to target the comment here, ...
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Typo in 'off-topic' description

The description for an off-topic close vote / flag has a typo: The word "puzzle" should be plural. It should read: This question does not appear to be about programming puzzles or code golf within ...
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