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Are there minimum age requirements for languages?

I'm working on my custom golfing language Hussy.Net, built on top of C#, to address a lot of its pitfalls around verbosity: ...
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Find answers in given language

Sorry for a stupid question, but I read How do I search? and didn’t understand: How to find answers in a given (programming) language?
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Should rust anonymous functions fully specify parameter types? [duplicate]

Context Rust does a lot of smart things to determine the types of variables. This is why you rarely need to define the types of a variable explicitly. Rust can search very far to find a type for a ...
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Golfing Language Based on Excel

The LAMBDA function is going to be released to Excel eventually. This presents an opportunity to create a set of user-defined functions in Excel. If a standard ...
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New Codegolf language: Nibbles [closed]

I'd like to announce Nibbles. My goal was to create something as simple as golfscript but as short as any modern golf language. My hope was that by having few enough instructions, they could be ...
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12 votes
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Does Baba Is You belong here?

Introduction Baba Is You is a puzzle game. In this game, a level is a grid that consists of objects and texts, and the objective of the level is to, if there are texts ...
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Why are golfing languages allowed?

I'm a bit confused about the use of golfing languages in golfing challenges. In the standard loopholes there is a point about using self-made languages that solve the problem in one symbol. And it's a ...
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Esoteric programming languages [duplicate]

Are there any restrictions on what programming languages you can use in a challenge, and if you created your own programming language and you wanted to submit it to a code challenge, does there need ...
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What's the deal with these two "tips for creating a golfing language" questions?

We currently have two questions asking for tips about golfing languages: Tips for making a golfing language (posted in 2017) is closed for lack of focus, with +10/-3 and no answers Tips for Creating/...
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Introducing SlimSharp

SlimSharp is a custom variant of C# intended to help with some of the worst pain points when using C# for Code Golf. It's something I've had in the back of my head for a while, and I finally took the ...
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Can Whispers programs ignore a final output line?

This was first asked by Leo in the Whispers chat room: But I have a general question about Whispers submissions: couldn't we avoid counting the final Output line most of the time? We can consider the ...
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1 answer

Why languages encode their SBCS into UTF-8 and vice versa?

I saw that in many golfing programming languages with a SBCS other than UTF-8 there is a converter (encoding and decoding) that converts the code/file from the SBCS defined characters to UTF-8 and ...
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For fastest-code questions are new compiler optimisations as non-competing allowed?

I looked around and it seems that the language is defined by the compiler not operational semantics. In normal code golf new languages are banned because of the loophole of implementing the answer as ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Can I use here my own language for code-golfing?

Can I golf in my own programming language here? I ask it 'cause there is no online way to check it out.
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4 votes
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Are transpiler languages allowed?

I recently created a simple little language that transpiles Brainfuck into a format that is half the size of its input. It can be used to compress and decompress Brainfuck programs. Provided I ...
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Are esolang design questions on topic?

Say I'm designing a new language for golf or some other esoteric purpose, and I'd like feedback on some design concepts. I feel posting this on SO, Programmers, CS, or pretty much any other site on SE ...
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2 answers

If we find a programming language in the Library of Babel, can we use it?

The Library of Babel is a huge library with many books. For example, the book titled ",fkwpival.vbfz" defines code golf on page 29 code golf is a type of recreational computer programming ...
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Need contributions to my new Programming Language

My name is Eduardo and I'm a Computer Science student from Brazil, finishing college by the end of this year. My undergraduate thesis is about the programming language JAEL that I'm developing for ...
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Can I use CBMC (a static verification tool for C) for code-golf?

So with the recent maze challenge I had the idea to implement a solution using CBMC (home / source), which is a tool that statically verifies C code and can produce counter-examples for property ...
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Can I use Power Query "M" Language - and what should it be called?

I enjoy using Power Query "M" language (Microsoft Reference) Is this language permitted - and in cases where the language name is to be used, should this be referred to as ...
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2 answers

Definition of a Function in Concatenative Languages

Concatenative languages are languages where juxtaposition of functions represents composition. Programs consist of the primitives in the language combining to form a large function which takes program ...
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27 votes
2 answers

Tips for launching a language

Having started writing my own golfing language, I noticed there is no tips page for launching a new language. Having seen how many languages have been made by this community, I wondered what advice ...
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2 answers

Search by language?

There is so much gold on this site, but it's not so easy to find. For example, I'm golfing in J and like to see expert answers to old questions. Currently, I have to open a question, and search for ...
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Can interpreter flags causing major language differences be considered different versions of the language?

I recently (this morning) extended Cubically to have an internal cube of variable size. The cube size is passed via a third interpreter flag (3 for a 3x3x3, ...
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What programming languages have been created by CGCC users?

Language-creation has become a popular activity on CGCC. A decent portion of answers, especially code-golf answers, are written in languages invented by the community. These are also languages that ...
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