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For questions about the systems used by Stack Exchange to notify users of activity involving them

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Election page is broken

I just got a notification telling me to vote in the election. When following the link however, I'm redirected to here (an error page). Presumably, this is supposed to be the election page. It seems ...
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1 answer

Recent inbox messages counts wrong

As seen from the blue shading, I only had 2 new messages, but the red indicator showed 6. Such mismatch is very frequent. The blue shading is always right.
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1 vote
0 answers

No notification upon post deletion by moderator?

My answer (2k+ only) to a code golf was rightfully deleted by a moderator because it turned out to be wrong and unfixable. This morning, I planned to delete it myself, but all direct links to my ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Notification for new question with a specified tag?

I would like to be notified when a question is posted with a particular tag. I can't see any way of configuring this within the PPCG site. I am sure the SE people would not like lots of bots ...
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