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Correct flag usage on invalid submissions

Recently, a couple of invalid answers have been flagged as NAA. This is somewhat of a duplicate of this answer on our policy, but I want to mention this because it's important that everyone is using ...
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If we can require a particular domain, can we require a particular path?

Background Following on from this question where it was decided that, as we define languages by their implementation, JavaScript solutions could include a requirement that they be run under a specific ...
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For fastest-code questions are new compiler optimisations as non-competing allowed?

I looked around and it seems that the language is defined by the compiler not operational semantics. In normal code golf new languages are banned because of the loophole of implementing the answer as ...
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Non-standard command line calls

Note this isn't about command line flags, which already have a consensus here. There was a recent PHP answer involving multiple PHP files. Normally, programs with multiple files are either using one ...
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Scratch 2.0 is no longer considered a "free" language. Does this retroactively make cops-and-robbers cop answers in Scratch 2.0 non-competitive?

As per this question's answers, Scratch 2.0 is no longer considered a "free" language. As per this question's accepted answer, non-free languages are allowed if marked as non-competing. Scratch 2.0 ...
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What should you do in cases where you've got answers, but others think that the question is not a challenge?

See, for example, a question I asked earlier: Write the shortest code to generate a random number between 1 and x. @Oberon said "I'm not a downvoter, but maybe it's because the question isn't much of ...
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What are our policies about this exotic I/O format about integers?

Please refer to this post on Sandbox. (EDIT: The challenge is posted on main.) Basically, the proposed challenge is about a new numeral system I made. Though the proposal doesn't require the I/O ...
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Default for fastest-code or restricted-time challenge

Because it would be hard for newcomers to find and read all of the meta questions about this topic, I suggest having a common post for all of them. It would be easier for moderators to point newcomers ...
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What loopholes should be assumed when a name-specific file is used for code golf?

I have posted this golfing tip for Bash before: In Pure Bash (or any other pure shellscript), use . for looping. It's a tip that recomments using a file whose the ...
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Why is this non-serious-contender answer still around, despite a "helpful" flag?

As explained in our policy on serious contenders, this answer is not a serious contender because it is deliberately crafted to get a low score (the only way it could win is if there were no other ...
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