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For questions about protected questions. Protected questions are only able to be answered by users who have earned at least 10 reputation on the site

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Please unprotect Largest Number Printable

Please unprotect Largest Number Printable so my answer may be considered and create discussion.
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Can we disable auto-protection?

Currently, the system protects any challenge that either: Has 3 deleted answers from new users Has multiple answers from new users within a short amount of time We already have a policy that ...
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Does reputation not dilute question quality? / Help request

I have a new best-in-class solution to a protected question and am unable to post anything because of being a new user. Does this community not see diluted question quality from new users earning ...
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When should challenges be protected?

Users with 3,500 rep (or 15,000 if when we get a site-design) can protect challenges. This makes it so that users who have not earned 10 rep on the site can not answer. As a user with this privilege, ...
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Community is being Overprotective of the Sandbox

Recently @Community♦︎ has been constantly protecting our beloved Sandbox. Our rep threshold for meta has been decreased specifically to grant new users access to the Sandbox so they can post their ...
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Why do I need 10 reputation when I already have 100? [duplicate]

Why am should I be getting this error when I already have 100 reputation?
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Can't add an answer to question Don't google “google” on Programming Puzzles & Code Golf [duplicate]

I just writed an answer for this question on my computer. I was to post my answer and just found there isn't any "add another answer" button. It only say that it required 10 reputations to answer... ...
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Protected question and Association bonus bug

I currently have 101 reputation for this site (Due to the association bonus), however I am unable to post an answer on this protected question. Produce the number 2014 without any numbers in your ...
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