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What counts towards the byte count in a code golf answer?

I use Racket as my primary programming language and have been having fun the past week solving challenges using it. I came across a few answers from other programming languages that use TIO's header ...
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Built-ins or no built-ins; a dilemma in my question

Recently in this question, I had a discussion with ████████████████ whether I should get rid of built-ins. I'm VTCing this since the built-in ban is particulary subjective here. I'd recommend just ...
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What is our consensus on languages which do not halt by design?

Current consensus seems to be that programs must terminate by default. This makes sense in general. However, does this bar use of languages which are not designed with a halt state (other than ...
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Can We Make 0-NAND OR Gates in [logic-gates] Challenges?

Some logic-gates challenges require you to use only NAND gates to solve a problem. Usually, constructing an OR gate from NAND gates requires 3 NAND gates. However, an OR gate can also be constructed ...
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Functions throwing exceptions: an exception to the rules?

I'm seeking greater clarity around whether we currently allow functions to throw exceptions, and if so, under what circumstances. There seem to be contradictory posts on this topic—several highly ...
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Should graphical-output challenges accept straight up image files by default?

I've often seen some questions tagged graphical-output and kolmogorov-complexity that have some answer being image files, and they are often disagreements in the comments. examples: ...
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Using resource exhaustion with a semi-deciding algorithm

Let's say that there is a standard code-golf question where you: Have to find a solution that satisfies some constraints (eg. a math equation, etc.) Or, if a solution doesn't exist, output the ...
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Does a Vim submission have to end in a certain mode?

This question came up recently in a discussion of the validity of my answer to this question. It was argued that the answer was a V submission, not a Vim submission. It is widely agreed that ...
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Default policy for output in decision problems

Challenges tagged as decision-problem involve "deciding whether the input meets certain criteria". Although some challenges with this tag involve more than two categories, most involve only ...
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What is the point of unicode gibberish?

It's been a few years since I came back into this forum to play some code golf and I am seeing a flood of unicode only "languages" where large operations are hidden in a single unicode character and ...
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Graphical-output - trivial solutions [closed]

I found question where author ask about reproduce logo (reproduction do not need to be identical). In one of answer we see solution with low resolution logo picture made by hand This solution indeed ...
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May I return more results than specified?

I'm golfing in Lua, which does support such thing as multiple return values like this: ...
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Input in Underload

Since Underload has no input command, I have some questions relating to hard-coded input: Is hard-coded input allowed by default? If it is allowed, can the hard-coded input be anywhere in the program?...
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If there is "a winner for every language" in a code golf challenge, does competitiveness matter?

The consistent attitude with regard to the golf language situation is that for every challenge, each language is a category, and subsequently there is a 'winner' for each language. This is also a very ...
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If we find a programming language in the Library of Babel, can we use it?

The Library of Babel is a huge library with many books. For example, the book titled ",fkwpival.vbfz" defines code golf on page 29 code golf is a type of recreational computer programming ...
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What is the consensus on built ins?

Originally on this challenge I banned built in matrix functions but people complained about it. I then removed the ban but there were few interesting answers given and some people complained and said ...
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Does output count if part of it scrolls off the screen?

Let's consider a QBasic solution to FizzBuzz. The code works correctly, printing the required output from 1 all the way up. The problem is, since there's a lot of ...
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Should I accept an answer to a question I cannot validate?

Based on information in this post I feel I should try and validate all answers to my challenges. That hasn't proved too hard so far which is good, but Dennis's answer here technically wins the ...
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What is the purpose of "header" and "footer" for C++ submissions using TIO?

What are the rules for using c++ in code golf? In TIO, there is a header section and a footer section. Can you put your #includes in the header section? Do you use this template? ...
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Are bots allowed in The Nineteenth Byte?

People seem to know that active chat bots are prohibited in TNB, but I don't see that written anywhere. Is this indeed so? And if so, are pure listening bots that never speak also prohibited? These ...
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ASCII Art Output Rules

I know there's a desire on PPCG for challenges to be flexible in terms of what they allow for input and output. However, I think there is an argument to be made that ascii-art is a special case, and ...
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Requiring non-builtin answers [duplicate]

Ever since PPCG was created, answers using builtins have been an issue for challenge writers. Sometimes, an interesting challenge can be posted, only for some languages (not necessarily golfing ...
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Hard-Coding in "One OEIS after another"

This question is about the rules of One OEIS After Another. A comment was made about hard-coding the values of a particularly difficult sequence, for the sake of keeping the challenge going. Peter ...
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Encoding data in flexible inputs

Most challenges that take a true/false or right/left or something like that input allow you to pick any two distinct values for these inputs. Recently, this answer came up. Clever use of this ...
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Rules on blockchain-based languages?

What are the specific rules for smart-contract languages (such as solidity) which run in a blockchain (and are considered languages because they can compute primes and that)? Those languages are full ...
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How should a full program in R be invoked?

Related to the discussion in this post. There are multiple ways of executing an R-file. Each of these methods have either challenges in input or output. Which are acceptable to count as "Full program"...
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How to score "command-line" flags in Japt

When I first created Japt I was young and innocent, and I didn't know how to use a command line. So I created the interpreter with HTML and incorporated the JavaScript right into that. As Japt grew ...
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Languages with rapidly changing version

I have been considering the creation of a julia based golfing language. Proposed name: Jules. In implementation it would effectively resolve every program into a ...
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Should Proxy Usage Be Included in Byte Counts?

Using this challenge as an example and this JavaScript solution, you can see that Kaiido had to include the following additional 49 bytes in order to be able to retrieve the images from XKCD's servers:...
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If languages are defined by their implementations, how do we judge answers that can't run on any existing computer?

It's a fairly long-standing principle of PPCG that languages are defined by their implementations; in other words, the language specification is entirely ignored, and we look at the behaviour of an ...
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If code fails to compile, but runs anyway, does that count as executing without error?

Here's a situation that came up recently in chat, and I realised I'm not sure what our rules are. A few challenges require code to run without crashing/erroring. As such, a runtime error would make ...
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What outputs should I allow for decision problems? [duplicate]

I'm looking for opinions on what outputs to allow as the Yes and No outputs on decision-problem challenges. The goal isn't to make a policy, but to help with a decision I often have to make when ...
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Possible Quine Loophole [duplicate]

I am working on a golfing language, and I think I have figured out a way past the "a program may not read it's own source code as input" rule. The idea is simple: every time a command is executed, ...
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In code-golf is it always ok to print ASCII digits when an integer is asked for? [duplicate]

When the question clearly asks for an integer is it always OK to just print the ASCII digits of the integer without actually generating the integer value? The consensus is yes. It's the programs/...
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Character encoding-based rules with language without encoding

Oftentimes people will ask challenges that have rules hinging on the characters encoded by the source file (see restricted-source). For example, "Your program may not contain the letter ...
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New users' guides to golfing rules in specific languages

What are the most important rules a first-time golfer in a given language should know? For instance, how do golfed programs usually take input and output? Each language should have a single CW answer ...
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A proposal to combat Meta Bloat™: The Big Consensus Freeze

I believe it's a widely acknowledged problem in this community that the number of meta posts a new user needs to know to figure out all the rules has long got out of hand. We require certain answer ...
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What criteria must a programming language fit? [duplicate]

On the default loopholes there is an answer that forbids making languages that are made specifically for a challenge. This is definitely a good idea. However, there are loopholes even to this. A user ...
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If your answer is acts differently depending on context, how safe do you have to be?

This is kind of a follow-up to / re-asking of "Should point-free function expressions be allowed when a function is asked for?" with specific reference to the only language I know how to golf in, j, ...
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Answers written in "joke" languages [duplicate]

As an answer to this question, I wrote an answer in the "programming language" 2014 (screenshot). The answer was deleted, accompanied with this note: I'm temporarily removing this post in ...
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Full program in Clojure

This challenge requires us to create a "full program" that produces an infinite loop, and never outputs. The problem is, I'm not sure what's considered a full program in Clojure. If I were writing ...
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Codegolf rules and boundaries

So last time, I was hanging on codegolf, and came across the question Print the digital root, where one guy replied here with a one-byte code. Of course, it takes advantages of the built-in and ...
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Are questions targeting non-standard computer platforms allowed/wanted?

My question is related to this one. Are questions/challenges explicitly targeting non-standard computing platforms such as FPGAs allowed? If yes: Are they wanted or welcome here or are they ...
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Is it OK to define an overloaded function?

Sometimes it would be quite useful in some languages to define two overloaded functions/methods as one answer. That is, instead of doing this (using Java as an example): ...
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Are languages targeting FPGAs or other non-standard/non-sequential computing platforms acceptable?

So far, almost all submissions on this site are ones that target "standard" computers, namely devices that execute code in a typically linear fashion, with a standard variety of inputs/outputs (...
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Case Sensitive Strings

Since this isn't explicitly codified anywhere, and was sparked by discussion surrounding my recent challenge, I figured I'd bring it up here for consensus before modifying the tag. Related: string ...
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Should a JavaScript image-processing submission support CORS?

A clarification I'd like to have is whether JavaScript submissions for image-processing should support Cross-Origin Resource Sharing. Specifically, it requires setting the ...
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How should vim answers be scored?

I like vim a lot. I've been golfing with it a lot recently. We already have clearly established that vim is a programming language, but there aren't any clear rules on how to score vim answers. The ...
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Can I set a challenge using Box-256?

Re-edited for further clarify: is an on-line game in which one codes in a form of assembly to solve the puzzles presented on there. Can we ask questions on this site which are ...
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On-topic to ask for help with an pre-existing code golf challenge from another site?

There is a code golf challenge on a foreign (not related to Stack Exchange) site with which I have a problem. The challenge is designed for Python 3 and has a length limit of 150 characters. I ...
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