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A sandbox is a place where you can post proposed challenges for others to review.

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Sandbox instructions for new users

We now have a nifty new info-box to point new users to the Sandbox. Hooray! But when a new user does go to the Sandbox for the first time, the instructions there don't give them much to work from to ...
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Introducing The Guild of Reviewers - Better Sandbox Feedback

(Thanks to Redwolf Programs for the name!) In a recent discussion about the info box and linking to the Sandbox for new users to use it before attempting to post their first challenge, we noted that ...
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Searching the Sandbox is somewhat broken

When I try to search the Sandbox for proposals with a specific word in them, using a query like inquestion:2140 interleave, I get this error message: Oops! We can'...
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How do I deal with lack of attention in the Sandbox?

I know there are a lot of questions like this, but I didn't find any answer that satisfied me. I'm pretty new to PPCG, so not all of my ideas are fantastic (e.g., this failure of a challenge) but I ...
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Fast and Golfiest Season 2 Looking for Advice

Season 2 is coming! Season 1 was fun and relatively well-received, but the main problem was that the scoring system is very broken. Hence I'm looking for advice about how to improve the system so that ...
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Is it a good idea to leave heavily downvoted challenges in the Sandbox as signposts?

Sandbox posts with several downvotes (such as the one about lolcats) are signs of what the community doesn't like. Should we keep them to remind users about what not to "ask"?
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Make it easier to post answers on Sandbox from Mobile App?

Maybe I'm missing something, but is there an easy-ish way to initiate the process of writing an answer in the Sandbox from the mobile app? I noticed the phrase "bottom of the page" in the sandbox ...
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