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Questions tagged [scope]

Questions about what sort of questions are appropriate for CGCC.

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Questions that ask for artifacts or witnesses

(Sorry this is long. I tried to gather many examples, and honestly I would have liked to include more.) Background The code-challenge tag captures many different kinds of creative challenges that ...
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Tips for language design: still on-topic?

Currently, we have two open questions tagged tips language-design: Tips for storage in a golfing language Tips for Creating/Maintaining a Golfing Language Now that there is a StackExchange site for ...
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Isn't there some way to have "just-for-fun" questions?

I can understand the need to keep things under control and nip problem trends in the bud based on the experience at SO and other graduated sites. While [tips] questions strain the discussion/list ...
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Question about a quine in a specific language

If I am interested in asking a question about quining in a specific language, would this be allowed? I am curious as to whether or not its even possible to write such a quine in a certain language.
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