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Questions about encouraging activity on CGCC, and/or attracting/retaining users.

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131 votes
16 answers

How can we help users who are put off by the use of golfing languages?

Every other month someone expresses their (negative) feelings about golfing languages. Here is how this usually goes: they complain that they don't enjoy golfing in the languages they know because ...
89 votes
5 answers

Should we consider planning a move off StackExchange?

Should we consider planning to move Code Golf to our own site outside the Stack Exchange network? Reasons to consider leaving This post was spurred by recent events, but it's been in my mind for a ...
8 votes
2 answers

What should we do against the downvote flood in the sandbox?

In the last 3 or 4 weeks there are quite a lot of sandbox proposals being downvoted. A quick count in the first page reveals that 12 proposals are at -1 and 2 are at -2, and some of the -1s are ...
23 votes
3 answers

Should we start "reviving" older challenges?

Related. Earlier today, AdmBorkBork posted this question on TNB, asking whether or not PPCG was dying. In the following discussion, I have suggested we, as a community, could start "reviving" (for ...
22 votes
4 answers

What is happening to PPCG?

Hi Guys & Gals and fellow golfers. I just want to ask a question and hopefully get some meaningful answers. I am a relative newbie on PPCG with a rep of only around 2.5k. That suits me but I am ...
58 votes
7 answers

A proposal to combat Meta Bloat™: The Big Consensus Freeze

I believe it's a widely acknowledged problem in this community that the number of meta posts a new user needs to know to figure out all the rules has long got out of hand. We require certain answer ...
89 votes
35 answers

We're not a Q&A site. But what should be done about it?

It has come up several times recently (more than usual) that PPCG differs from most of the other Stack Exchange sites in that it's not a Q&A site. People don't come here to ask a question because ...
8 votes
1 answer

How does following PPCG on Twitter help the community grow?

Grace Note posted a community ad which seems to claim that following PPCG on Twitter will help the community grow: How does that work?
0 votes
1 answer

Why is this non-serious-contender answer still around, despite a "helpful" flag?

As explained in our policy on serious contenders, this answer is not a serious contender because it is deliberately crafted to get a low score (the only way it could win is if there were no other ...
17 votes
3 answers

Should PPCG have an official, objective, list of rules?

This is something that's been bothering me for a while, and is really impairing my use of the site. Any competition needs rules in order to be fair, and this has been established repeatedly in Meta ...
40 votes
15 answers

Who are you? Why are you here? And more introspection

Whereas: we are unsure about where exactly we fit into the SE mission others sometimes don't take us seriously the site has been languishing in beta with minimal communication from SE for years we ...
60 votes
1 answer

Hey Stack Exchange, how are we doing?

The last time we heard from a Stack Exchange community manager was in March of 2014, when Grace Note came to talk to us about the progress we've made as a site. That was back when code-trolling was a ...
20 votes
7 answers

Should we consider dropping or modifying the "objective winning criteria" requirement?

Where as The site has stableized (not to stay stagnated) with fairly low activity. There have been from time to time questions that do not meet the requirements in our FAQ but do draw much attention ...
11 votes
1 answer

Announcing the CodeGolf.SE Second Periodic Premier Programming Puzzle Push

Whereas The site has suffered from low traffic for weeks We've been in beta for 271 days and our numbers are marginal Too many recent question have been both too easy and poorly specified Users have ...
25 votes
1 answer

Announcing the CodeGolf.SE First Periodic Premier Programming Puzzle Push

This Programming Push has ended ::sigh:: But we may do another in a few weeks or months, and your high quality contributions are always welcome. Whereas The site has suffered from low traffic for ...