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Requests for help with, or discussion of, a specific question on CGCC.

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What's wrong with popularity contest?

Some time ago I asked a question 8 ought to become Infinity, which was closed as "Questions without an objective primary winning criterion are off-topic, as they make it impossible to indisputably ...
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Why is this question closed?

Write a java code to detect the JVM version was closed in error as part of the underhanded cleanup. It's obvious from the comment thread that it was never really an underhanded question, and that tag ...
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What are the "Notices" in this question's revision history?

As I was looking through the revision history on this question, I saw some strange things I haven't seen before. Here is a "transcript" of sorts (ignoring edits): Question Unprotected by ...
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Could we get some feedback on what needs to improve in this question?

This question has a few downvotes but no explanation yet. Although it's beyond me to answer it, I like that it exists and I'm looking forward to seeing answers to it. Could we discuss what about it is ...
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Should "A Multipurpose Quine" be reopened?

A Multipurpose Quine This challenge was closed for the reason that it was unclear what the challenge was asking. The main reason was that the challenge required all outputted quines to not be ...
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Way of salvaging "Two-zero-one-five puzzle" challenge?

The Two-zero-one-five puzzle was intended as a Kolmogorov-complexity code-golf challenge: the task is to generate and print arithmetic expressions for as many numbers between 0 and 100. Unfortunately, ...
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How could "Crash your favorite compiler" be edited to be on-topic?

I recently found the closed Crash your favorite compiler question and was wondering how a type of question like this could be changed to fit the requirements of a challenge question as outlined in the ...
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Why was my post put on hold?

Why was the shortest λ sort post put on hold? What is "unclear" about it? The only question raised (about church encodings) was promptly clarified in the post as soon as it was pointed.
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Is the new showcase a duplicate of the old one? is currently closed as a duplicate of Showcase of Languages, which is currently locked. The reasoning is that once the proposal here is applied to ...
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