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How can we clearly define "Must work for theoretically large values"?

This doesn't seem immediately like an issue, but I've encountered it once in a challenge already, and recently again in a Sandboxed challenge, and is getting tiring to find the correct wording. For ...
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What's a number? [duplicate]

Similar to What's a string? If a challenge says that the input will be “a number”, what data types are acceptable? Obviously, types like int and ...
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Can a specification define a language?

The current meta consensus is that the implementation defines the language. The cannonical answer is: What's the policy on interpreter bugs? I think this is too rigid: I think that a ...
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What counts as distinct and consistent?

There are some questions requiring distinct and consistent output. It's obvious what they mean for submissions printing to stdout. But how does that apply to the return values of functions? For ...
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What are string literals?

Some questions like Significant Whitespace disallowed string literals. But what are string literals exactly? If I interpret this literally, almost everything in Bash or Tcl are string literals. For ...
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19 votes
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What's a string?

If a challenge says that input will be in the form of a string, what is acceptable? Various languages have different ways of implementing strings, so here's what I've "borrowed" from Wikipedia: ...
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74 votes
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Interpretation of Truthy/Falsey

Quite a few code-golf questions require output to be "truthy or falsey". This is possibly confusing as these terms can possibly mean different things to different people, and especially in different ...
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33 votes
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Standard definitions of terms within specifications

Quite often I find that I am repeating myself when creating a challenge. For example, usually I have to retype the definition of "random" in all of my posts, or I have to specify the same thing about ...
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