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Indicates that the question is asking for clarification or help around a site feature, rule or custom, such as how something works, or why specific rules are in place.

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Community FAQ for Code Golf and Coding Challenges

Community FAQ For the Code Golf and Coding Challenges site For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. General information Welcome to Code Golf and Coding Challenges Stack ...
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What are the "Notices" in this question's revision history?

As I was looking through the revision history on this question, I saw some strange things I haven't seen before. Here is a "transcript" of sorts (ignoring edits): Question Unprotected by ...
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Cannot award a bounty during grace period

A bounty of mine expired 11 hours ago and I received an e-mail saying I had a 24-hour grace period during which I could still award the bounty. However, when I go to the respective question, I do not ...
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How do I deal with lack of attention in the Sandbox?

I know there are a lot of questions like this, but I didn't find any answer that satisfied me. I'm pretty new to PPCG, so not all of my ideas are fantastic (e.g., this failure of a challenge) but I ...
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trying to get the (new) topbar fixed

Since the Stack Exchange redesign, I try to reestablish that my topbar is fixed; but I can´t seem to get it right; and I can´t think of anything else than ...
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Are there specific types of code golf challenges on this site?

I posted a question in hope of starting a shortest code challenge, but it seems to attract lots of downvotes and the only answer tried to help as a programming problem. One comment on the question ...
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Tag score not matching combined score of tag answers

I just started using PPCG and I'm off to a good start, almost 400 rep in a week. My best tag is code-golf. But while I was looking at my profile, I saw a bit of a problem. My score for code-golf is ...
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No notification upon post deletion by moderator?

My answer (2k+ only) to a code golf was rightfully deleted by a moderator because it turned out to be wrong and unfixable. This morning, I planned to delete it myself, but all direct links to my ...
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Leaderboards (temporarily) not working any more

Edit: never mind, this seems to have been a temporary glitch - they're working fine now. Some of my old questions, such as Paint Starry Night, objectively, in 1kB of code or Write Moby Dick, ...
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Why am I getting a "4 total posts awaiting review" link on PPCG Meta?

Whenever I visit any page here on PPCG meta, to the left of the "review" link, is a small brown rectangle with a white number 4 on it, and hovering it says "4 total posts awaiting review". The link ...
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Why was my post put on hold?

Why was the shortest λ sort post put on hold? What is "unclear" about it? The only question raised (about church encodings) was promptly clarified in the post as soon as it was pointed.
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Favicon not displaying?

The favicon is not displaying for me; instead, I have the missing file/dead file icon. Am I doing something wrong? I am using Chrome.
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