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CGCC Data Analysis #1: Tags

A few months ago I posted a few interesting bits of research on data from SEDE. It was fairly well-received, so I figured I'd do some more analysis. I might make this a weekly thing. I decided to ...
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Improve and Expand the KotH Tag

The King of the Hill tag could use a "Suggestions" section to help posters avoid pitfalls that are KotH specific. It could also use a tip on what does NOT constitute a KotH challenge, since ...
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[programming-puzzle]: Isn't it obvious?

The programming-puzzle tag seems a bit useless given we're called 'Programming Puzzles and Code-Golf'. It seems to be used when no other objective winning criteria is used and sometimes used in ...
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"Prediction" tag

I'm trying to create a new challenge type called prediction. This is a very specific challenge that involves creating functions that try to match a given functions, but under memory constraints that ...
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By-language challenges

While looking through rosetta-stone, I discovered that there are two types of questions tagged with it: The type intended by the tag: answers with many different answers in different languages. Each ...
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The tag [feasibility] and its lack of proper documentation

The tag feasibility is only used in two questions, has no wiki, and the questions are both tagged restricted-sourcejavascriptfeasibility. These questions are asked by 2 different users. Here they are:...
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Synonymize [shortest-time] with [fastest-code]

The shortest-time tag seems to mean the same as fastest-code. It only has three questions tagged with it, so a manually retagging would be easy, but just so that someone searching for "time" can ...
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Please convert [tag:conversion]

The tag conversion is a bit of an oddball. Its description is "This tag indicates that the challenge involves converting from one format to another", which is extremely vague, and could ...
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Proposal for tag: [symmetry]

I have recently asked a question in which I think we need a symmetry tag, which has not been created yet. Here are some questions to which I think the tag would be applied to: The symmetry of months ...
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Tag score not matching combined score of tag answers

I just started using PPCG and I'm off to a good start, almost 400 rep in a week. My best tag is code-golf. But while I was looking at my profile, I saw a bit of a problem. My score for code-golf is ...
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Is there a question format for longest non-repeating code?

I've only recently started getting involved on Code Golf, so excuse my ignorance, but is there a format for longest possible way to achieve a challenge request? Either by runtime or by code length. ...
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What exactly is the [tips] tag?

After reading Re-evaluating [tips] and tip-like questions and the tips questions, I determined that we currently use tips for two things: code-golfing questions, and language creation questions. ...
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Is this combined scoring rule code-golf, popularity-contest, or code-challenge?

This question has an interesting scoring rule. calculate the score by dividing number of bytes by number of votes - lowest score wins. One could argue that code-golf and popularity-contest both ...
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Do we need the [color] tag?

While reviewing suggested edits, I came across this one for the color tag's tag wiki. After looking further into the tag, I found that it did not have a tag wiki beforehand, and there are only three ...
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