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Where to find an online testing environment for specific programming languages?

Here is my scenario. I pose a programming puzzle. It might be golf, or might be something else, but I don't specify the language. Some posts a answer that looks really good, but I don't have a ...
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20 answers

Installation and testing instructions for specific programming languages

Most of the answers on this site are made using programming languages, that are well known, and easily installable by most of the people. They have well known installers (or are already included) in ...
9 votes
3 answers

How to avoid executing malicious obfuscated code?

On a related thread to this question, what steps can one take to avoid executing obfuscated malicious code (in the unlikely case someone sees fit to post some in a solution. Is it best to just avoid ...
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On the subject of testing code

Somewhat related In my Bernoulli Numbers challenge, I've been seeing a lot of invalid answers that fail to compute certain values to the required accuracy/precision, or that take substantially longer ...
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6 votes
1 answer

How to test solutions in obscure hardware environments [duplicate]

This question is meant to serve as a reference for setting up environments in which to test answers that require unusual hardware, processors, etc. Most answers will involve simulators and emulators. ...
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Adding benchmark test cases to active code challenge

I am working on a code challenge. The scoring will be based on a set of benchmark inputs (i.e. it will be the sum of the individual scores). Now I'm wondering if it's alright to add additional test ...
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Test cases are missing on a [test-battery] challenge

This challenge is a test-battery, where you need the set of test cases that the challenge provides. However, the test suite that you are required to use is missing, since the website has gone down. I ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Identifying what golfed code does?

I've got a bit of obfuscated javascript, and I'd like to find out what it does. I could read up on obfuscating in javascript, or I could ask some people who know their stuff. Where would I post a ...
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Is it permitted to upvote only to test submissions?

In order to properly test the submissions to Martin vs Dennis - Round 1, one would need to upvote the current lesserso their reps become equal, and then continue upvoting so the former lesser becomes ...
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