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Remove question title length limitation

The reason title length exist Because it's useful to prevent spam on most of the other site, you would not like to see bunch of 1 character question flooding. But... I already meet the situation a few ...
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Popularity of posts, based on capitalization (no graphs this time)

After this question, I became interested in looking for various relationships in post popularity. While reading through the HNQ list, I noticed that some questions are capitalized in title case, and ...
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5 votes
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What are the rules regarding question titles?

One of my recent questions, titled ☁ A Little Cloud ☁, was renamed in an edit to Little Chandler is sad. Draw him a cloud to cheer him up. I don't mind the title change, but I am curious as to the ...
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Click here to find out what this question is about

Code Golf question titles are frequently opaque. The front page (and Hot Network Questions) hence partially degrades to a list of clickable rectangles. When clicking, I more often think "WTF does ...
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Adding language to title of advice questions

There has recently been some confusion with this advice question where people were posting off topic answers in languages other than python. Even though the question was very clear about wanting ...
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