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Creating a multiple-challenge competition

I wanted to create a golfing competition that would be split in n different challenges, each posted with k days in between one ...
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Hiatus for Fortnightly Challenges

It's currently not looking good for the fortnightly challenges. Of the last four challenges only one was actually posted. And the current one doesn't seem to be quite on track either. It seems that ...
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17 votes
6 answers

Fortnightly Challenge ideas

Note: The Fortnightly Challenges™ are currently on hiatus. Please continue adding and voting on theme proposals. The challenges will be picked up again at some point in the summer once enough new ...
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A proposed schedule for weekly challenges

The response to the weekly challenge question has been a resounding "yes," so the next step is to decide how we'll manage the schedule. There'll be two simple parts to this, each taking one week: ...
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Do we want weekly challenges?

From this post on the Mother Meta: A handful of sites have conducted a variation of the "weekly topic challenge" idea. I, myself, have become quite fond of them since they do seem to be effective ...
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