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Questions tagged [winning-criteria]

Indicates you are either proposing or asking for clarification on winning criteria.

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Is "parallelize as much as possible" a valid winning criterion?

I'd like to propose a new winning criterion: Parallelize as much as possible. A challenge of this type is to give a code that involves parallelization. Let \$T\$ be the running time when run on a ...
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Alternative winning criterions for cops and robbers challenges?

Sometimes the classic CnR winning criterion: Cops If your submission has not been cracked within a week, it is considered safe. The shortest safe submission wins. Robbers The robber ...
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Is this combined scoring rule code-golf, popularity-contest, or code-challenge?

This question has an interesting scoring rule. calculate the score by dividing number of bytes by number of votes - lowest score wins. One could argue that code-golf and popularity-contest both ...
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Changing winning criterion in a question

I recently posted a question to codegolf which did not have a well formulated win criterion. However, I did receive some answers to the question. Because the question is on hold due to "off-topic", ...
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