The Stack Snippet below loads the first Stack Snippet in the Stack Exchange post defined by `site`, `postID`, and `isAnswer`. (Inspired by [this]( and [this](

It assumes there is only one Stack Snippet in the post and may load the wrong code if there is more than one.

- One possible application is to have this point to a generalized leaderboard Snippet. So any changes/fixes to the leaderboard Snippet are reflected in all the Snippets that point to it. [Optimizer has done this.](

- Another application is to point it to a [very long]( Snippet that wouldn't fit in the post otherwise.

##A golfed version with copyable raw markdown is available [below](

This ungolfed Snippet loads from [here](

<!-- begin snippet: js hide: false -->

<!-- language: lang-js -->

    site = 'meta.codegolf'
    postID = 5311
    isAnswer = true

    jQuery(function() {
    	var url = ''
    	if (isAnswer)
    		url += 'answers/' + postID + '?order=asc&sort=creation&site=' + site + '&filter=!GeEyUcJFJeRCD'
    		url += 'questions/' + postID + '?order=asc&sort=creation&site=' + site + '&filter=!GeEyUcJFJO6t)'
    	jQuery.get(url, function(b) {
    			function d(s) { return jQuery('<textarea>').html(s).text() }
    			function r(l) { return new RegExp('<pre class="snippet-code-' + l + '\\b[^>]*><code>([\\s\\S]*?)</code></pre>') }
    			b = b.items[0].body
    			var js = r('js').exec(b), css = r('css').exec(b), html = r('html').exec(b)
    			if (css !== null)
    			if (html !== null)
    			if (js !== null)

<!-- language: lang-html -->

    <script src=""></script>

<!-- end snippet -->

(I use `jQuery` instead of `$` to hopefully avoid [this issue](