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Do we want to unpin the accepted answer from the top?

Yes! Emphatically yes. The accepted answer is rarely the most important answer. In part because often the accepted answer is out of date and thus not really even the best scoring, but more ...
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What's the "accepted answer"?

The accepted answer is the answer that wins the challenge As defined by the objective scoring criterion the challenge writer gave the challenge when it was created. That's it really. If there are ...
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Do we want to unpin the accepted answer from the top?

Accepted answers should not be pinned As mentioned in chat, it can be really nice to have the accepted answer pinned can be nice for things like KotHs or code-challenge questions with a definite ...
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Accepting my first answer, things to consider beyond byte count with a tie on "shortest code wins" question?

Usually, the practice is that code golf challenges don't accept answers (same goes with code-bowling and code-challenge. There are some tags where accepting is kinda expected like king-of-the-hill and ...
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Accepting answers in challenges

This idea has many problems. It will be very difficult to write a fool-proof program to detect the shortest valid answer. This also seems rather abuse prone to me. What if the challenge has a ...
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What's the "accepted answer"?

You shouldn't feel obligated to accept the overall shortest submission in code golf. The shortest submission is often not the best-golfed one, but the one written in the most optimized golfing ...
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Editing an already accepted answer after 60 days earns Necromancer badge

Necromancer is awarded for Answer a question more than 60 days later with score of 5 or more The question was asked January 8, 2015, so that's a lot more than 60 days. The reason the badge was ...
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Do we want to unpin the accepted answer from the top?

Accepted answers should be pinned We rarely accept answers. Sometimes when an answer is accepted it's because it's on an old question and it was the shortest, but it's quite often used in challenges ...
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What's the "accepted answer"?

The asker chooses the top answer We like to think that challenges are completely objective. Unfortunately, many of our challenges require human judgement. Common cases of broad areas include: ...
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