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new badge: good timing

The purpose of (most) badges is to encourage a certain behaviour that is deemed good on SE. (There are a few exceptions, like Tumbleweed, and I'm pretty sure they'd go if the badge system was ...
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New badges for new design

I like option 2. And actually, it is already supposed to be so.
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Editing an already accepted answer after 60 days earns Necromancer badge

Necromancer is awarded for Answer a question more than 60 days later with score of 5 or more The question was asked January 8, 2015, so that's a lot more than 60 days. The reason the badge was ...
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Double tag badge

On the other hand, this looks a benign bug, and it's not really hurting anyone. Exactly Why go and fix something that only happened to one user when no one else is being bothered by the issue? But on ...
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Critic Badge not awarded instantly

Badges are handed out in batches throughout the day, different batch jobs handle different badge types. Source: When are badge calculations done? on mother meta. You must have been lucky on other ...
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