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A way to attract attention to questions and answers by offering some of your own reputation as a reward to an answer

The bounty system is a way that any user with 75 reputation or more is able to attract attention to a specific question or answer.

Bounties allow you to "spend" up to 500 of your own reputation (decreasing in increments of 50, to a minimum of 50) in order to bring attention to a specific post. Due to our nature as a site, the vast majority of bounties awarded on this site are awarding answers, rather than any of the other set reasons.

This lists all active bounties on the Main site. This is a list of "bounties without deadlines", set by various users to be awarded if/when their criteria are met.

Questions with this tag should typically ask about the system as a whole (usually tagged ) or about specific bounties. In exceptional circumstances, the diamond moderators can refund bounties. If you are fine with this request being public, use this tag on such requests. Otherwise, raise a flag to resolve it privately.