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Well, the traditional generic name for the country club bar is "the nineteenth hole", which suggests The Nineteenth Byte or something like that.


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Promoting your own posts is definitely OK, but there are some very important guidelines to consider. Promoting your own posts is usually OK if It's relevant to the topic of discussion. Hey, have we had a challenge about finding the smallest prime larger than N? --User1 Yes [link to own post]. --User2 Or What's your favorite answer you've ever ...


One chat room cannot be what everybody expects from it The Nineteenth Byte's purpose is labeled as general discussion; the jestful addendum appears to indicate that pretty much everything goes. A good thing about this is that The Nineteenth Byte is usually crowded. If you need input on something, you can almost be sure that you'll find somebody you can ...


See also Stack Exchange Glossary - Dictionary of Commonly-Used Terms. Abbreviations marked with a star (*) are chat specific. Catalog: A type of simple on-topic challenge where the challenge's aim not so much to find a winner as it is to create a catalog of solutions in many languages. CG: Code Golf; a challenge to solve a particular problem with the ...


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We agree with your concerns and that having additional room owners would help covering both time zones and the volume of posted messages. Effective immediately, we've appointed the following users as room owners of The Nineteenth Byte. Let us thank them for volunteering, and may the odds be ever in their favor. We'll be happy to appoint additional ...


Absolutely We have a very active chat room. Many users actively participate in TNB without even participating in PPCG. It's also the best way to be introduced to our community. For example, I participated on the site only just a little until I started hanging out on TNB and getting to know the users that make up the site. That's when I became seriously ...


Nomination for Mego Chat profile Times online: essentially constantly (thanks to insomnia and PPCG addiction) I (Mego) have been an active participant in all aspects of PPCG for over a year now. I ran in the first moderator election, receiving quite a few votes. I am consistently active on the main site, on meta, and in chat. Notably, I pushed for the ...


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No We should remove the XKCD feed from The Nineteenth Byte.


status-completed As a moderator on another site, I would really appreciate it if you could add something to your chatiquette about flagging. Since the TNB has its own set of rules and is very strict about remaining on topic, avoiding noise etc, when people in the room try to enforce this chatiquette, they end up using the only tool they have available: ...


This is one of those situations where I feel a temporary chat ban would be in order (3 stars) Exactly. Just because chat is a general discussion, doesn't mean the discussion has to be this low quality. We learned over the past few months, that giving tips to users to better themselves is not very effective. So I suggest: keep trashing conversations that ...


In light of recent issues, two users have been suspended for 7 days. Please Be Nice and don't discuss their suspensions. Remember that chat flags are visible to all 10k users on the entire network, and even moderator-only chat flags are visible to all SE moderators in chat. Therefore, use them only for events that require immediate intervention. In the ...


The Chatiquette on noise is ineffective The problem with the Chatiquette document is that the noisy chatters to which it's addressed won't get the message. It should be addressed to the individual chatter, giving specific guidelines for what they should and should not do. Instead, the "Signal:noise" section lists vague unactionable statements of what we ...


(Self-)Nomination for DJMcMayhem I'll throw my own hat into the ring. Chat profile I'm usually slightly active in 16-24 UTC and significantly more active in 0-6 UTC. I also frequently use chat from mobile, so if pinged I can respond fairly quickly if I'm not at my computer. I would be honored to be a room owner for TNB. I have been actively participating in ...


I have not had any suspensions over 30 minutes in the past month. This isn't true. There was completely no warning about it. You were reminded of our rules and guidelines on multiple occasions, and occasionally kicked. Several messages of yours were moved to trash. You chose to ignore those warnings. I do not think I posted anything too controversial,...


Regarding that message You must have no idea what the Nazis were/are or what they have done if you think calling someone a Nazi for deleting chat messages or handing out 30-minute suspensions is even remotely acceptable. Other parts of the internet may tolerate these insults, but this is not one of those parts. Stack Exchange's prime directive is to Be ...


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Chat bots (that post messages) have no place in TNB. Since TNB is for discussion of code-golf and PPCG related topics, having bots in the room would be distracting and obnoxious, and would overtake more important conversations. The reason that this is not officially mentioned in the chatiquette is because this isn't a frequent or reoccurring issue. You could ...


Workman or no Workman, you littered TNB with gibberish. One of your posts got flag-deleted, which results in an automatic 30 minute suspension. The suspension will wear off in 10 minutes.


(Self-)Nomination for minxomat I second the notion that we need more room owners to cover the times mentioned in Mego's original proposal, in fact I was close to proposing this myself. During those times, I defintely notice the abscense of privileged chat members. Not in a way that there is a catastrophic amount of noise, but in a "hm, this is probably bad, ...


I find it hard to try to discuss golfing in chat. When I'm not pinging a specific person, my messages get lost in the flood of unrelated conversation. It's also hard to scan through the transcript for chat about golfing when it's full of meme clutter. People can always make other chatrooms for a more focused discussion. - Helka Homba "More focused ...


Yes. According to the consensus on programming languages: Support a representation of natural numbers and of tuples. (We're talking about languages rather than implementations, so we will leave to one side the issue of type widths). Check. Be able either to transform inputs into outputs (transformational model) or to distinguish an "accepted"...


We've been over this before. Long-term suspensions are rarely handed out because of a single message. However, you constantly succeed in lowering the signal-to-noise ratio. You have been told several times that this isn't acceptable in The Nineteenth Byte. We've failed to see any improvements in your behavior since your last suspension. The large amount of ...


Yes We should add posts to the main page to our chat feeds. Reasons People in chat will be aware of new challenges more readily People who join chat a while after the challenge is posted will also be informed of the recently posted challenge (add more if desired)


The 10011th Hole, riffing on the 19th hole. @dmckee is here earlier with a riff on the same premise, but I a) arrived at mine independently, and b) rather like the idea of using binary. So you've got options.


How about Chat Cht? It's the shortest name I could find.

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