For questions that relate to the reasons behind closing a challenge/challenges

Use this tag on questions that are either about:

  • The 5 specific close reasons set by the site

    • "Not suitable for the site": the challenge does not fall under the scope of questions on the site (i.e. it is not a programming challenge with an objective winning criteria)
    • "Duplicate": the challenge has already been asked on the site
    • "Needs details or clarity": it is difficult to understand crucial parts of the challenge, and it has been closed until those ambiguities have been fixed
    • "Opinion-based": key parts of the challenge depend entirely on someone's opinion, most often the challenge author's
    • "Needs more focus": the challenge is too broad and may contain multiple unrelated parts
  • The reason(s) why a specific challenge was closed. In which case, use this along side the and tag