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Equivalence between strictly increasing integer sequences and decision problems

This isn't a good default I wouldn't expect or want for my sequence challenges to allow membership-oracle solution by default just because the sequence is increasing. While sequence allows various ...
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How can I know when to stop golfing?

You can't know when a program is done, but you can know when you are done Determining whether a general program can be shortened is equivalent to the halting problem. There is no algorithm that can be ...
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Advocate languages to golf in

TypeScript’s Type System TypeScript is a programming language made by Microsoft and first released in 2012. It can be described as a wrapper around JavaScript with a type-checker that runs when TS ...
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Using, how does this C function return a value?

As stated here, a function without a return's return value is undefined. It looks to be in the case of what TIO and many others are using, the return value is the top variable on the stack. See how, <...
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Can the binary representations of argv[n] be used for numeric input?

Yes, it is just a matter of interpretation. No, this is not best practice for real-life applications but who cares about sensible programming when codegolfing anyways? ...
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Why do I feel like Code Golf is ruining the point of Python?

We don't care about programming conventions. We only care about how short the code is.
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Maximum code-golf length

As The Thonnu said: There isn't a limit. We have many challenges which take thousands of bytes in languages like Python.
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How is Subleq code counted?

Copied from my own comment: On Code Golf, languages are defined by implementations, and a quick search on Subleq gives multiple interpreters that take a list of integers in text, written like this. ...
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Advocate languages to golf in

Pascal Advantages Pascal is one of the few programming languages backed by ISO standards. There are also many dialects. If you indicate that your submission exclusively uses a standardized variant of ...
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Default for Code Golf: Input/Output methods

A 2d-list can be anything indexable by 2d-like-things Many questions' inputs are a 2d-array or 2d-list of characters of numbers. I would consider all of the following python types (and equivalents in ...
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