Community wiki is not a rep waiver I've mentioned that from time to time in the past. Community wiki doesn't just mean that you cannot earn rep from a post. Yes, it does have that side effect, but the community wiki option is for posts that can be edited by anyone without worrying about post ownership. Edits that are usually frowned upon – and rejected when ...


No, this is not acceptable xnor's proposal to combine equivalent trivial answers talks about solutions that are just a built-in. None of the answers in the post you mention are just rather; they all consist of at least three tokens. Furthermore, although the differences may be subtle, they certainly aren't all equivalent. Aside from the fact that a single ...


Posting a community-wiki for the purpose of collecting trivial answers together is perfectly fine, but it was wrong in this case. For it to work, It needs to only contain truly trivial answers. For example, if the challenge was to get the deltas of an array, lots and lots of golfing languages can do this in a single byte. If you could write the answer ...


Update: this is now removed network-wide. There is a flag that'll be raised in extreme circumstances though, so at least mods will be aware of runaway answers.


Hooray, automatic CW has been completely removed network-wide! This is no longer a problem. status-completed!


I agree they should be converted into normal posts. However, a staff member would have to do so, because when I last looked into this, I had to unwiki each answer, in addition to the question. I don't look forward to doing this for 60+ answers. :-)


Just so people can tell what happened. The auto-cw limit has now been set to 500 answers. I personally think that if any question reaches that amount of answers, then something is wrong, so I applaud this limit.


Yes Community Wiki posts are specifically for posts that are edited often by multiple members of the community. The LOTM nominations body is a perfect example for this, and so the question should be made CW. That said... Unfortunately, making a question into a Community Wiki also makes all answers to that question Community Wiki as well, which appears to be ...

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