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How should Community Wikis be used?

Community wiki is not a rep waiver I've mentioned that from time to time in the past. Community wiki doesn't just mean that you cannot earn rep from a post. Yes, it does have that side effect, but the ...
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Multiple answers in a single post

No, this is not acceptable xnor's proposal to combine equivalent trivial answers talks about solutions that are just a built-in. None of the answers in the post you mention are just rather; they all ...
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What should be done about pre-posted Community Wiki answers that serve as a place for combining trivial answers?

Posting a community-wiki for the purpose of collecting trivial answers together is perfectly fine, but it was wrong in this case. For it to work, It needs to only contain truly trivial answers. For ...
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Should Nominations for Language of the Month be community wiki?

Yes Community Wiki posts are specifically for posts that are edited often by multiple members of the community. The LOTM nominations body is a perfect example for this, and so the question should be ...
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