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For questions about editing - both when and how editing is done on either main or meta sites

Editing is a process available to all users that allows them to improve posts by clicking the "Edit" link underneath the post. Users with less than 2000 reputation must have their edits approved by users in the Suggested Edits review queue.

Additionally, users can "rollback" previous edits by navigating to the revisions page of a post and clicking "Rollback" on a previous revision:

Rollback link

This tag is also relevant to questions about editing tag wikis - a privilege available to all users, and one that doesn't require approval for users with 20000 reputation or more. In this case, use this tag with as well.

Use this tag on questions about editing, including:

  • When it is appropriate to edit posts
  • How the editing system works
  • How tag wiki editing works
  • Whether a specific post or tag wiki should be edited and to what

If your question is a about the editing systems, please read through the editing FAQ on Mother Meta before posting here.