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These questions are the most frequently asked and answered questions on Meta and the first place to look for answers to your questions

Questions tagged with are the most frequently asked questions on the site. They can and should cover all topics that any users - not just new users - frequently ask about.

Before posting your own question, please consult these questions to see if there is already an answer that solves your problem.

How can a question be added to the FAQ?

  • Ask only the question, stated plainly and simply, in the question body. The answer goes in an answer.

  • Link back to the index. Paste this at the end of the question:

     [Return to FAQ index](
  • Tag as and . When a post seems to hit a mature state, it will have added by a moderator.

  • Flag for a moderator to mark community wiki. Any FAQ post not yet community wiki should be made into a community wiki.

  • After the post has the tag added to it, add a link in the table of contents in the FAQ post.