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Is there a new consensus on answer headers?

The consensus is either # Heading or ## Heading, whichever you prefer. This previous consensus supports ...
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Is there a new consensus on answer headers?

Since you mentioned answer headers in general as well, use #Language or ##Language like Riker said, but then after that, it is ...
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4 votes

Does Code Golf support embedded YouTube videos?

There's only one way to find out. Testing YouTube URL Embedding Regular ...
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2 votes

Link fails to render properly when rejecting an accepted edit

Thanks for reporting this issue! This is fixed now.
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What would be the preferred way to show data in spreadsheet cells?

I think the table is a good thing, but I'd also include an easily copyable JSON version, that is white-space formatted over multiple lines to resemble a table. Also, for the table, you could bold the ...
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Change U+200B and U+200C to something else?

status-completed Based on this discussion on Meta Stack Exchange, this is now fixed.
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