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40 votes

Can we have MathJax back?

Yes, bring MathJax back Advantages of having MathJax on Programming Puzzles & Code Golf: A lot of math, number and number-theory challenges and answers (and not only those!) would benefit from ...
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17 votes

Can we have MathJax back?

Add support back, but change the delimiter I think MathJax would be fine, and see Xcoder's answer for more reasons why. However, the reasons it were disabled still stand: Messed up regexes, since ...
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8 votes

Can we have MathJax back?

Add support back, but make it not trigger in code blocks. As far as I can see, this is the root of all problems. @200_success on CodeReview Meta says (emphasis mine): MathJax is currently enabled ...
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Can we have MathJax back (part II)?

\$Test\$ $$Test$$ \$\LaTeX\$
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LaTeX/MathJax extends out of the post box

We don't have immediate plans to work on this request. We understand this a poor experience and will revisit this at a later date. We'll provide an update once we have fully investigated or completed ...
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