For questions relating to the question migration moderation tool and questions about migrating specific questions

This tag is for questions that address the migration tools available to users with 3000 or more reputation. See this post on Mother Meta for the details on what migration is exactly.

Use this tag for questions about the following things:

  • Requests for a new migration path - this site currently only has one migration path (from CGCC main to CGCC meta), but up to 4 more may be set up if the community decides they are necessary
  • on the migration feature, specific to CGCC
  • Questions discussing why and if a specific question can be migrated

Note that questions should only be migrated from site A to site B if:

  • The question is off-topic on site A
  • The question is on-topic on site B
  • The question meets site guidelines (is clear enough, isn't too broad etc.) on site B