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Community is being Overprotective of the Sandbox

I've disabled auto-protection on this meta site. Or rather, set the relevant thresholds (answers from new users) to 10,000. That should keep things under control for a few weeks.
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When should challenges be protected?

Other SE sites have questions that already got a satisfying answer, and new answers will likely be thank you posts or other kinds of noise. In these situation, protecting questions is the way to go. ...
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Can't add an answer to question Don't google “google” on Programming Puzzles & Code Golf

This is status-bydesign because you have to earn 10 rep on the site, in order to answer a protected question. The 100 rep association bonus doesn't apply towards the rep needed. From this MSE post ...
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Does reputation not dilute question quality? / Help request

Welcome to the site! New users are just as welcome as anyone else. Plenty of new users have made incredible contributions to this site with amazing answers, and our community thrives on bringing in ...
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Can we disable auto-protection?

We have two settings we can change and they relate to your two bullet points. For the second, it seems like that just needs to be disabled. The first one is the closest I can get to your request to ...
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