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Quines and newlines

If a newline is printed it must be part of the source code A lot of languages have multiple functions for printing, some of them will include a newline and some of them won't. It's the programmer's ...
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Is `document.body` reading your source code?

If someone submits a program as "C (Linux)" which opens /dev/sda1 (typically the primary disk drive) and searches for the source of the program, that is reading its ...
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Is a quine that reads a function's source a cheating quine?

Yes, it is cheating. We have to remember the original inspiration of a quine, as taken from GEB, is that it's indirect self-reference. In other words, code isn't directly allowed to refer to its own ...
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Is a quine that reads a function's source a cheating quine?

It's not a cheating quine The meta post you quote contains the following example of a proper quine in CJam. {"_~"}_~ {"_~"} ...
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Is a quine that reads a function's source a cheating quine?

Yes, it is cheating According to the "proper quine"-meta post: a quine must not access its own source, directly or indirectly. Reading a function's source is indirectly reading part of the ...
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Does using SMBF count as a cheating quine?

Yes it's cheating, but let's elaborate An argument commonly given to defend SMBF, but abstracted: If function q printed the source code, then yes, it's a cheating ...
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Which answer should I give my bounty to?

However, I am a bit hesitant to award the bounty on either answer. Dennis' answer relies on GCC, UTF-8 compatibility, the interpreter /lib64/ ...
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Who is right in defining the meaning of a word: meta or challenge?

How to resolve rules: All rules apply, including meta and rules posted on the question. If there are two rules that conflict: The posted question takes priority, followed by the most upvoted meta ...
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Quine in Pxem, a language whose program is represented as a pair of strings. Is outputting the filename a quine?

Quines are defined as A quine is a computer program which takes no input and produces a copy of its own source code as its only output. Emphasis mine. Source. Also cited in the original question ...
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We need a new proper quine definition

A quine must produce itself by processing data To be very explicit: A quine must contain data A quine must contain commands/function calls to process above data The output of a quine must include ...
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