For questions about reopening closed challenges. This includes questions about why a specific question was reopened, how to get a specific closed question reopened, general policies on reopening and more

This tag indicates that the question is about reopening. Any user with 3000 or more reputation can vote to reopen a question. Additionally, gold tag badge holders can reopen questions that were closed as duplicates with a single vote, and the diamond moderators can unilaterally reopen any question. Finally, any user with 15 reputation or more (and less than 3000) can flag a question and nominate it for reopening. This puts it into a review queue where users with the required reputation to make a judgement about whether it should be reopened or not.

This tag is also applicable to questions about the Reopen Votes and Meta Reopen Votes review queues, along with the accompanying tag

Questions with this tag are typically about the following topics: