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For questions about reposting existing challenges. Stack Exchange generally prohibits reposting questions, and doing so will generally result in it being closed as a duplicate. See the tag wiki for more information about when reposting is allowed

This tag indicates that the question is about reposting existing questions. Note that in the vast majority of cases, reposted questions will be closed as duplicates.

How to repost a challenge

  • Step 1: Identify whether or not it should be reposted.

    Challenges should not be reposted if they meet any of the following criteria:

    • It is still accepting answers and is up to date with the site's required levels of clarity
    • Answers from the original challenge could be copied as valid answers to the repost
    • The challenge could be edited to be up to date with the site rules, without significantly invalidating existing answers
  • Step 2: Ask on meta. Post a question using the , and tags, asking if the question should be reposted

    Lay out your arguments for and against this - you should aim to present a strong argument for why the question should be reposted. Questions that simply ask "Can we repost this question?" will be closed as needing details and clarity.

  • Step 3:

    • If the meta conclusion was that you can or should repost, then go ahead and repost. Vote to close the original challenge as a duplicate (or flag it to be closed as a duplicate if you have less than 3000 reputation). If there were additional requirements (e.g. repost with permission of the OP), make sure you fulfil these before reposting
    • Otherwise, try fixing the problems with the original post that inspired you to repost it in the first palce