Reputation is the system used by Stack Exchange to measure the values of a user's contribution to the site. As users gain more reputation, they are trusted with more privileges that help the users moderate the site.

Reputation is a rough measure of the value of a user's contributions to this site. Users can earn reputation by:

  • Having their posts upvoted
  • Having a suggested edit approved
  • Their answer being awarded a bounty

Users can lose reputation by:

  • Having their posts downvoted
  • Downvoting an answer
  • One of their posts receiving 6 spam or offensive flags

Be sure to read How does "Reputation" Work? for more information.

This tag should be used on questions about this system:

  • : Questions about modifying the reputation system.

    The reputation system is a central part of the SE network and system. Requests to modify it should make an exceptionally strong case for the modification. These should also be specific to CGCC. If not, Mother Meta is the more appropriate place

  • : Questions about help around reputation related functionalities.

    Make sure your question isn't already answered in the help pages or the definitive guide on reputation

  • and : Questions about bug reports and general discussions around the reputation system.

Some related tags that often overlap: