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Avoid useless edit about byte count

What can I do to avoid these kind of edits, apart from posting my complaint here? Put them in the right order to begin with. ;) I'm kidding, of course - you're free to put them in any order you like....
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Which review comment-option do I pick?

If a comment exists explaining what's wrong and based on that comment it's obvious why the post should be deleted, you should upvote that comment. If no such comment exists, you should consider adding ...
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Can we change the Late Answers prompts regarding duplicates?

This is currently uncustomizable and according to the CMs, it is not something they are planning to customize. In nearly all circumstances, duplicate answers aren't OK; CGCC is exceptionally unique in ...
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Three 'First Post' reviews already reviewed

First of all, you don't have to assume anything. As soon as you get the privilege of reviewing posts in a specific queue, you can switch to the history tab to see which actions have been taken by whom....
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Link fails to render properly when rejecting an accepted edit

Thanks for reporting this issue! This is fixed now.
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Deleted question appears on review queue

This was most likely just bad timing. I assume the question you were reviewing is What date encoding could this be?. It was asked at 10:57:13 UTC. It entered the review queue at 11:00:01 UTC. It was ...
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Invalid answers in the review queue, but OP hasn't had time to fix it

Users can't be expected to go back and check on an answer two days later to see if it's been updated. Voting to delete feels equally wrong, since it's unnecessarily harsh (according to the ...
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