A sandbox is a place where you can post proposed challenges for others to review.

The sandbox is used to discuss and remove problems from challenges before they are asked on the main site.

The sandbox is used to prevent:

  • Answers that use holes in the question rules to cheat.
  • Complaining comments due to poor rules.
  • Poor questions that can be downvoted and closed due to bad wording, unintentional duplication of a previous challenge, and other problems.
  • Disagreement with rules and scoring systems.
  • Edits after posting the question. Improving the rules after people have posted their answers destroys some previously eligible answers, does not ensure that previous downvotes will be removed, and cause complaints about the changed rules.
  • Vaguely stated rules, which may cause the problem to be closed due to overly broad opinion based challenges.

The tag is currently used both for sandboxes themselves (there is currently only one Sandbox, but this has not always been the case), and for meta-discussion about the sandboxing process.