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Here a couple of counters made by CGCC community members: Byte Counter by Mego (account deleted) Outputs all (supported) code pages where the inputted text is a valid encoding. Outputs the length and the list of bytes in hex/ The current list of supported encodings are: supported_pages = [ 'ascii', 'cp037', 'cp1006', 'cp1026', 'cp1140', 'cp1250', 'cp1251', ...


I've always used this byte counter which in fact gives you both character and byte counts.


TIO includes a byte counter. For languages with an SBCS, this just counts the number of characters, but for most languages, you'll notice they use UTF-8. For example, if you go to the Python 3 TIO, in the top-right corner, it says "UTF-8". You can simply paste your code into the code box for any language that uses UTF-8 encoding and it'll give you ...


Here's an encoding for Piet programs I've published an encoding (with a translator program) that represents a Piet program as a series of ASCII characters. It encodes each codel as one character, and therefore: We can now count Piet programs by codels There are 20 different colors of codels, so each color can be encoded in five bits. I've used the sixth bit ...

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