Requests for help with, or discussion of, a specific question on CGCC.

Most posts here on CGCC Meta are for meta-discussion of the CGCC site as a whole (e.g. its rules, how to use it, and so on). However, occasionally extended meta-discussion is needed for a single on CGCC question.

In most cases, meta-discussion of a question can be handled on comments to that question (possibly extended into a chat room for that question). However, in complex cases, or when there's widespread disagreement about the best way to handle the question, it's sometimes best to use Stack Exchange's asking/answering/voting system in order to determine a consensus. In such cases, the question used for meta-discussion of the original question is posted on CGCC Meta (with a link back to the original question on CGCC), and tagged .

This tag could also be used for meta-discussion of a specific question on CGCC Meta, if doing so ever becomes necessary.