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Golfing Class of a language

Elo ratings, treating pairs of submissions as games. I'm using the Elo system here. Essentially, the solution is find the best solutions in each language to each challenge, and then treat each pair of ...
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Golfing Class of a language

K-means clustering by code length Note: This is just a first-pass attempt with a very simple method. There are certainly better ways to approach this but at least this is a start. My approach here ...
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Longest Code Golf Answer Ever

On the basis of some data.stackexchange.com hacking, assuming the first line of each answer contains its length followed by bytes or char, it seems to be https://codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/40698/194 ...
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Questions with the longest shortest answers?

I've found a couple of contenders depending on how you want to define things: This answer1 2 by Conor O'Brien, is probably the longest "winner" of a code-golf challenge on the site, at ...
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Did decreasing the amount of rep required for meta cause spam?

Yes, all of it Stack Exchange Data Explorer lists all spam or offensive flags ("red" flags) in its Votes table. When messing around with this query listing all votes on the site, I noticed ...
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