Measuring the Strength of the FGITW Effect Although this answer isn't a suggestion for a solution, it should provide a better understanding of the problem. A proper understanding is necessary to create a solution. The FGITW effect ("fastest gun in the west" effect) is the phenomenon in which the earliest answers receive the most votes and always stay at ...


Alternative phrasing for "Unclear": Please clarify the specification or add additional details to highlight exactly what is required. As currently written, it's hard to tell exactly what qualifies as a valid answer. It's especially important to be clear on I/O formats, guarantees about input values, and edge case behaviour. You may want to post your ...


Random Sorting I propose that a purely random default sorting would solve the above problems. It would simply remove the bias towards any kind of answer and would distribute the votes more fairly. Of course, the existing sorting by activity will also remove the bias towards early answers, but the fact that it's deterministic is still problematic. ...


Replace "Primarily opinion based" with "Needs objective scoring criterion" We currently use a custom reason of "Off-topic" as "Needs objective scoring". That said, we receive many posts here that are attempting to be a challenge, but lack objective scoring. These challenges aren't "Off topic": they simply ...


Randall Munroe - a statistical estimation ordering When reddit had a similar problem with new comments getting lost at the bottom, Randall Munroe brought in a new sorting algorithm. Obviously don't just vote for this because you like Randall Munroe - it's an interesting algorithm well worth reading about before you decide. It only requires the information ...


This is not possible I'm afraid, unless SE decides to add that feature network-wide. PPCG is a small community compared to SO, SU and the like, so I think we'll have a hard time convincing the developers (and everyone else) that this is something they should spend their time on. Until then: The only foolproof way to sort a answer-chaining challenge is by ...


Rewording for "Duplicate" "This challenge has already been posted. It is either an exact duplicate, or the differences are superficial enough that an answer could be copied with minor modification from the existing challenge and be competitive here." Wording changes by @xnor


I don't know whether to post all my stuff in a single answer or as multiple, I'll just put everything here for now. Things in {braces} are my comments, not part of the text. Most of this is just word/sentence replacement. Our changes may or may not be more extensive than this. Welcome to Programming Puzzles & Code Golf Stack Exchange Programming ...


Rewording for "Unclear" "Please clarify the specifications of your challenge. As it's currently written, it's hard to tell exactly what a valid answer to your challenge would be. You may want to post your challenge to the Sandbox for feedback before submitting it on the main site."


The Tour and Help Center only have very specific items/pages that can be customized. Besides that, not everybody reads them. The points you mention are highlighted in the right sidebars of All question list pages, including the home page: The Ask Question wizard:


Improve Details should be kept There are some situations, like tips questions, where Improve Details might actually be useful. I think keeping one of the "normal" bounty reasons for things like this has very little cost, and can be useful.


Yep, definitely a bug, but for now instead of <br> you could end each line with two spaces.


It would be worth posting a bug report at meta.stackexchange if it hasn't already been done. In the meantime: >! <p>You can still use HTML markup to format spoiler text.</p> >! <ul> >! <li>`Like this,`</li> >! <li>for example</li> >! </ul> >! <h2>Or this, even.</h2>


Correction: this is actually status-deferred, per JNat's answer to this bug report on MSE. Unfortunately, not much more information about this was given in his answer, but, aside from the first sentence below, this answer is (mostly) still correct. This is status-bydesign. The Asked/Active times aren't exact, and have a bit of a weird calculation time. I ...


Rewording for "Too broad" There are either too many possible answers, or good answers would be too long for this format. Please try to isolate a clearly defined sub-challenge that can be answered in a reasonable amount of code. You may want to post your challenge to the Sandbox for feedback before submitting it on the main site. The last line is copied ...


Reddit-style sorting I don't remember exactly how it works, but Reddit's sorting algorithm (or HN's, or ...) takes both time and votes into account to present "hot" content, i.e. content climbing faster than typical or with higher than typical votecount. In practice high-voted content tends to be the norm, with new or rising content spliced in occasionally....


Not enough information given I can't agree to change the default sort at all unless more evidence is given that the basic premise is true. PhiNotPi gives some data showing that the FGITW effect happens, and I don't doubt that. However, the only correlation it really shows is between early answers and votes. For one question. With tons of answers. To be clear,...


We don't have immediate plans to work on this request. We understand this a poor experience and will revisit this at a later date. We'll provide an update once we have fully investigated or completed the work.

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