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Can we change [array-manipulation] to [array]?

Yes, for the reasons explained in the question I've posted this answer so we can vote on it.
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I'd like to say a [word] or two about this tag

I agree, word should become natural-language. We could either retag the current 26 challenges bearing that tag (not all at once) or make word a synonym of natural-language. I propose we do the latter. ...
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Matrix vs. Linear Algebra

Keep them separate A good number of the matrix challenges are about grids of numbers that do not represent any linear transformation. Conversely, the five linear-algebra challenges you note do not ...
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Should we make a 2048 tag?

Make 2048 an explicit synonym of sliding-puzzle, retag challenges that need sliding-puzzle I think it's clear that sliding-puzzle fully covers 2048, as all challenges about 2048 are applicable to ...
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What to do with the [average] tag?

Synonymize with statistics According to Wikipedia, an average is "a single number taken as representative of a non-empty list of numbers". Limiting the scope of average to "arithmetic ...
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Can we remove some useless tags?

Note, all of this is my opinion as a user, not as a moderator A lot of these tags are certainly useless. But some of them aren't bad tags just because there aren't a lot of questions for them. Here ...
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What's the difference between [source-layout] and [restricted-source]?

First things first here's how I currently interpret these tags: Restricted source restricted-source is pretty simple, there is black box function1 which can take the source of a program and "...
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Synonyms: [anagrams] and [permutations]

anagrams should be turned into string permutations This is because an anagram is a particular type of permutation: a permutation of a string.
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Should we change "Question" to "Challenge" in meta tags?

Using "challenge" in meta tags instead of "question" will cause confusion for some new users (even after we get the site-wide wording change to "challenge", but especially before). This is a good ...
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Is it a [question] or a [challenge]?

Merge + synonymize challenges into questions, keep the sub-tags I've taken a look at all of the challenges questions, and in my opinion all of them a) could or even should be put under questions ...
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Should we merge the voting tags?

Merge them all into voting up-votes and down-votes shouldn't really exist in the first place tbh. They are both fully covered by voting, and a lot of the existing posts with those tags are also tagged ...
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Can we do some tag spring cleaning?

We need to be more careful with language tags I have a feeling that deleting a language tag for having less than X questions/challenges with it (whatever the value of X is) is not the right way to go. ...
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What's the difference between [source-layout] and [restricted-source]?

Thoughts on how to objectively categorise this sort of challenge After thinking about this for a while, I think there are three main sorts of source-dependent challenges that we have: There is a ...
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Is [oeis] a synonym of [sequence]

As Nathan Merrill mentioned, yes, we treat it as such. See this meta post. Technically though, if you're talking about tag synonyms, it is not an "official" tag synonym. I already edited the tags on ...
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