Software developer with more than a decade of experience, covering design, full-stack build-out (backend, frontend, database, and more), dev-ops (deployment, optimization, and related tasks), maintenance (keeping old apps running, arcane arts of reverse engineering, and other eldritch tasks), and decommissioning.

I've got various levels of experience with Java, C/C++, C#, Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Lisp, Javascript, VBscript (what?!), LotusScript, Visual Basic and others I'm forgetting. Also some frameworks are familiar to me, such as Mule ESB, Camel ESB, Spring, Django, CodeIgniter and more. I've done my share of DBA work, delving into Oracle 10g+, PostgreSQL 7+, MySQL 5+, for starters.

In my spare time, I enjoy LEGO collecting, woodworking, hobby electronics, reading, writing, and arithmetic. No, seriously, I like math.

Anyway, with some luck perhaps I can contribute in a meaningful way to this community.

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