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Dmitry Bychenko
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Being C#, Java, SQL (Oracle, Postgres, MySql and MS SQL) and (former) Delphi programmer I work as a senior developer in SOTI. I have a passion for challenging problems, that's why I am here, on StackOverflow as well as on LeetCode (2400+ problems solved), Hacker Rank and many other sites from Code Abbey to Rosalind.

I am adept of lifelong learning and one day I've found myself among Coursera's 50 top students (with 200+ statements of accomplishment).

Finally, I just love programming for fun; some of my sketches are on Nuget. If you have a good challenging problem (from question up to offer) I'll be glad to respond and you can enter image description here if you find my answer being really helpful.

You can find me at or you can mail to me Zwerg.CopperNickel "at"

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